Cape York Tours

Cape York Tours are for the adventurous traveler wishing to reach the tip of Australia or the tip of Queensland to be more precise. There are several ways of traveling to Cape York but it is advisable not to travel between November and April, as that is the wet season and some roads become impassable. The distance from Cairns to the tip of Cape York is over 1000km. The quickest way to see Cape York would be to take a one to four day air tour. The best and easiest way to visit Cape York is on an 4WD tour. Cape York Tours can be accommodated or camping tours. The last option is to take your own, or a hired four wheel drive vehicle to Cape York. This only advisable to people with off road driving experience, and if you wish to self drive through this remote wilderness region.
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7 Day Cape York Tour - Drive North/ Fly South - Camping OR Budget Accommodated 4WD Safari
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Cape York Air Tours

Cape York Tours by air vary in length from one to six days. Your scenic flight covers remote and spectacular reefs, rainforests and outback. You can really see quite a lot in a limited amount of time and it allows you to cover the vast distances in a shorter amount of time. Each tour is unique and the commentary tailored to the interests of the group.

Cape York Camping Tours

Cape York is very remote and to stay at some of the National Parks you need to sleep in a tent as there is no other option. If you don’t mind camping, these tours are the best way to see Cape York. You will find some Cape York 4WD camping tours are all overland, and on some Cape York tours you, fly or cruise in one direction. On some Cape York camping tours, the tents are all pre-errected, saving you time and effort when you get to the camp sites. There are also options for Deluxe camping tour which offers easy to errect tents, and deluxe single camp stetcher beds included that are quite comfortable.

Cape York Accommodated Tours

On Cape York Accommodated tours, you have some of the comforts of home such as a regular bed with linen, and a roof over your head that is not made of canvas. If you have little or no interest in camping or the outdoors at night, then this may be the type of tour for you. On some accommodated tours, you can stay in accommodation but still eat outdoor camp meals each day, meaning the cost of the tour is quite significantly less than other accommodated tours. On other accommodated tours, the meals are catered for by the accommodation houses at which you stay. Which is better is up to each individual.

Cape York Tag-Along Tours

On a Cape York tag-along tour, you can experience the thrill of driving yourself through isolated and rugged terrain, without the associated worries that goes with it. The benefits of a Cape York tag-along tour are that you are travelling with a fully equipped escort vehicle which carries all the heavy safety equipment and there is no need to pack your own food. Three excellent hearty meals are catered for each day by an experienced and understanding guide and cook. Compulsory UHF Radios ensure communication between all vehicles doing the trip. All vehicles travelling on these adventures must be 4WD and must be booked for a vehicle inspection and have any necessary repairs or modifications carried out before the tour departure date.